Smarty CRM

is an online organizer with collaboration tools.

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  • Contacts Base

    Here the contacts of your customers, contractors, family members and friends are kept. The cards are merged into groups, arranged by importance and what’s more important divided by sales phases and highlighted by different colors.

  • Notes

    How many brilliant ideas were missed just because they were not written down in a good time! Use online organizer Smarty CRM to remind yourself of some important ideas, outcome of negotiations and useful materials.

  • Day Planner

    This tools is used as a tool for operational planning in Smarty CRM. It allows you to create lists of events, set the dates, manage priorities and customize notifications. Unload your memory for more important things!


Smarty CRM — Lifehacking Every Day

How do you increase personal effectiveness? Give yourself a plus if you use the best practices such as GTD system, time management or Eisenhower Matrix. In any case online organizer is an effective assistant to increase your personal performance.

Smarty CRM organizes contacts, notes, goals,plans, files, and communication with colleagues. You can purchase service exclusively for yourself or for collaboration with colleagues. To do this select a subscription plan (Basic, Start, Business or Profi). Basic is suitable for individual work, others are good for small, medium and large teams. Invite the right people in account settings.

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Learn More About Online Organizer

  • Contacts. Enter information about physical and legal entities. Group your cards, fix history of relationships and add comments.
  • Status. Smarty CRM allows you to filter contacts by sales stages according to classical theory (from the establishment of relations to retention).
  • Goals. Online organizer helps to create a tree of goals, associate it with contacts and mark your advance at the scale of progress. Focus on main achievements and enjoy!
  • Notes. Generate notes, prioritize them, use filters and perform a quick search. Edit text easily as in a usual Windows notepad.
  • Day Planner. Put events in online organizer, array preferences, appoint dates и set notifications. Smarty CRM will not allow you to miss an important meeting!
  • Chat. You can exchange messages with colleaagues. To do this, you need a companion registered in the program and his email.
  • Import and export. Use Excel template to upload information into the service. Data can also be output from the program and saved on your PC or laptop.
  • Online and offline. Online organizer is available from any place with access to the Internet, but mobile applications run even without it.
  • Mobile platforms. Not just the browser version of the service is available. You can also install mobile application on Android, iOS and Winsows Phone smartphones and tablets.


    Information concerning planned affairs is often both everywhere and nowhere. It is sprayed on the atoms in one’s heads, notebooks, letters, stickers and SMS. In Smarty CRM you can reduce everything to a common denominator. It is a workspace that provides you with an overall picture.

    Online organizer helps you to come up with clear understanding of development and achieve distinguished results.

    Use Smarty CRM to know your highs!

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