Privacy Policy

Using Smarty CRM, you trust us with personal data. Carefully read the privacy policy to find out what data we collect, for what purpose and how we use it.


1. In Smarty CRM service we store the data that you have entered into our database. It can be: your personal data, such as name, email, phone, etc.; data of your colleagues to whom you send requests for teamwork; customer base, where you independently determine the amount of information specified.


2. Along with personal data, our database stores information about your device, IP-address, version of operating system. These data is used exclusively for analytics and rapid solution to possible problems associated with the use of the service.


3. How We Use the Data


3.1. Email address. Emails are used to send notifications from the system, for example, letters for email confirmation, password recovery, support, etc.


3.2. Phone number. It is used to send messages with a code for confirmation of your identity. It can be used by our specialists to make calls and provide consulting support.


3.3. Google account or Facebook account. We store the profile ID and use it for quick authorization and registration. For the Zoom account, we store the profile ID and access token for creating conferences.


3.4. Device, IP address, application version, operating system version, screen resolution — these data is transmitted automatically and required for statistics.


3.5. Contacts of your device. If you want to add them to our system, you can import them into the "Contacts" section. They are just stored for your purposes and are not used for functioning of the service.


3.6. Cookies. These files contain a small amount of text that is sent to the browser from the site you visited. They help the site to remember info about you, such as site language, data you entered in the fields, etc.


3.7. The Zoom account connection is used only for creating Zoom conferences, at the user's initiative. Other actions with the data in the account are not carried out.
Disabling the connection with the Zoom account is possible from the profile page on the Zoom website.


4. Requested Permissions


4.1. Access to Google account that is required to facilitate authorization and registration. If corresponding permission is given, then it is entered into the field automatically., then it is entered into the field automatically.


4.2. Access to make calls that is required to call customers and partners directly from Smarty CRM.


4.3. Access to file storage that is required to attach files from your device.


4.4. Access to camera that is required to take photos using camera and add images to Smarty CRM.


4.5. Internet access. The service uses cloud technologies, so it works only with Internet.


5. Information That You Share


5.1. Smarty CRM allows you to exchange data, invite colleagues and external participants in the chat. The availability of personal data for interlocutors is determined by yourself.


6. How to Find Or Change Personal Data


6.1. You always have access to your personal data. If they are specified incorrectly, you can change them yourself in the application interface. This does not apply to information which immutability is important for commercial or legal purposes.


6.2. If necessary, we can remove your personal data on request in technical support at email We must warn that due to specificity of cloud services, data can be stored for some time, for example, as backups.


7. Transfer of Personal Sata to Third Parties


7.1. Administration of Smarty CRM service does not transfer personal data to third parties under any circumstances, if not required for functioning of the service.


7.2. Are required by law personal information may be provided to public authorities and other authorized entities only for good cause, which suggests the existence of illegal acts.


8. Protection of Information


8.1. We do our best to protect all user data from unauthorized attempts to access them. In particular, we use SSL encryption for data transfer, constantly improve the ways of storing and processing data, restrict access to company employees or contractors. If access required, all necessary documents are signed and the main one is the "Non-Disclosure Agreement" (NDA).


8.2. In case of violation of the rules specified in cl. 8.1 of Privacy Policy, sanctions are imposed in form of large fines.


9. Data Retention


9.1. How long we retain your Personal Data depends of the type of data and the purpose for which we process the data, which is explained further in the section “How We Use the Data”. We will retain your Personal Information for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in this Privacy Notice unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law. If you wish to request that we no longer use your data, please contact us at Except as otherwise set forth below, Personal Data contained in the Service Data is retained and deleted in accordance with the Terms.


10. Changes and Additions


10.1. This Privacy Policy may be changed. However, we guarantee that the basic provisions on confidentiality will remain unchanged.


10.2. All Smarty CRM users will receive an appropriate notification of significant changes if any.