Your sales department could and should work more efficiently. A powerful CRM with user-friendly interface will provide managers with a competitive advantage. The reliable data storage, intuitive interface and functionality were developed on the ground of personal long experience and could become a base of successful sales and improving your company market position. More...


Smarty CRM was designed according to consulting requirements and its special aspects. Hundreds of Russian and foreign companies have already appreciated Smarty CRM advantages and opportunities in consulting sphere, such as an ability to maintain a dialogue with existing clients and to expand the target audience, attracting new business partners and customers. More...


Smarty CRM was designed to help you with increasing sales effectiveness. It includes the wide range of opportunities for market analysis and planning, such as the detailed database of objects, contacts and other customer information, search for additional data and others. Urgent functional, user-friendly interface and settings simplicity are modern standards, that let you to take on the market. More...


Competition in the sphere of multilevel marketing can not be overestimated. There is always a necessity to be ahead of the field, keep abreast of events, realize who your target audience is and what they want. So Smarty CRM was developed exactly for these tasks. The wide range of functions, reliable data storage and user-friendly interface provides you with convenient database maintenance, search for client information, planning and reaching your goals. More...


Market and target audience realizing, efficient advertisement principles planning and implementing are an essential pre-requisite for success that could not be accomplished without a cross functional CRM. Smarty CRM service was designed to help experts from advertisement and PR sphere by providing them with relevant functional and user-friendly interface. It is a perfect opportunity to stay in touch with your customers, monitor the market trends and aim for constant development.


Small, medium and big architecture businesses in Russia and all around the world are on the upswing. You need a competitive advantage, such as fast response to market changes, making contacts with customers, suppliers, partners and investors, on the competitive market. The project Smarty CRM lets architecture firms always to keep abreast of events, discuss expeditiously new questions with your partners and find attractive projects and niches.


Lawyers' work is always implies huge amount of information and it is impossible to store all the data in the usual appointment book or Excel-document. The service Smarty CRM was designed to solve the problem. The user-friendly interface and easy navigation helps to find all the necessary client information, cases, projects and plans. The opportunity to analyze your niche situation, work on pricing, cooperate with colleagues and partners will let you to make right decisions quickly. 


Today on the modern competitive market hairdressing salons should not confine themselves to   professional services. To improve the positions they need to monitor market trends, see the target audience special aspects and estimate their own competitive advantages. Smarty CRM is designed to make your work with client base more convenient and efficient.


Nowadays travel industry is on the upswing. There is appearing new tours, purchase conditions, rates, loyalty programs and others. Tour operators' experience has helped us to make Smarty CRM relevant for effective work in travel industry according to the market trends, customer preferences, and successful business strategies.


The insurance market is an industry where to be successful you need to be one step ahead of potential competitors. Smarty CRM with the necessary functionality and nice interface will help you to make it faster than the competitors.


The demand for training companies services is growing. However, despite all the prospects, the companies can not expect to succeed if they do not monitor the market trends, do not collect the detailed customer information and do not prepare the useful and relevant information for different seminars. Smarty CRM is a progressive functional product that allows you always to have at hand the necessary information or the opportunity to find it in seconds through the user-friendly interface and easy navigation.